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Photographic Equipment, Programs, and Image Editing Techniques
Although numerous photographs on this site have been subjected to nothing more than the standard Post Processing in Photoshop, often various filters and techniques have been used for their ability to emphasize artistic aspects of photographic images, such as enhancing textures or simplifying complex scenes. Now with the advent of computers and advanced image editing programs, photographs can be manipulated to achieve quite interesting artistic derivations.
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The Photographic Equipment
Digital SLRs Sony A100, A700
Lenses Sony 70-400mmG, Tamron 200-500mm, Sony 1.4x Teleconverter
External FlashSony HVL-F56AM
The large majority of my photographic subjects are wading and shore birds of the Texas Gulf Coast. However, I also photograph other types of wildlife, urban scenes, buildings including construction and demolishing, industrial areas, refineries, landscapes, seascapes, ships from shrimpboats to freighters, the Texas City Dike before and after Hurricane Ike and virtually anything that shows artistic possibilies.

Primary Software Adobe Photoshop CS4 (including Bridge and Adobe RAW), and plug-ins including
Topaz Adjust v3.4
Topaz Simplify v2.0
Topaz Detail v1.1
Topaz Clean v2.1
Topaz DeNoise v3.0
Redfields Fractalius

Digital Photographs shot in RAW format›Adobe Bridge›Adobe RAW 5.0› Photoshop CS4
Various techniques are used suggested by artistic qualities evident in the original photograph. Sometimes standard post processing is all that is necessary if artistic goals are already acheived. However, if enhancement of such artistic modalities such as composition, color, line, shape, or texture, improves the image in an artistic sense, various other techniques are considered. Many, such as Hue/Saturation, can be found in the standard Photoshop palettes.
Illustration type images derived from photographs are among my favorites. Earlier attempts, based on Gaussian blurs used to simplify, were often less than successful. However, with the use of Topaz Simplify, Find Edges in Photoshop, blending modes such as Overlay, and various adjustments such as Curves, images that emphasize line and composition can fairly easily be created.
digital watercolors
Standard watercolor filters in many Image editors fall short, and often result in muddy poorly defined images. However, using a technique similar to the Illustration Effects mentioned previously, in my opinion much better images result. The main difference is using Soft Light as a blending mode instead of Overlay.
The emphasis of texture with Topaz Adjust or Topaz Detail, in appropriate images, can have dramatic effects. One caveat is the creation of noise, especially in areas of little detail, such as backgrounds. Generally masking is useful, however using Photoshops History brush to reveal areas of the image that no effect is needed, and thus no added noise, works well.
3D abstracts
This website uses a minimalistic approach, where images are viewed with as little distraction as possible and by having thumbnail images easily hidden. I also have refrained from image titles, and descriptions of technique or photographic methods of individual images. Primary image enhancement techniques have been divulged here in this section. However, any further questions about the images, including both camera settings and editing techniques, can be answered by contacting me .
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