This website is the result of a decade long journey toward becoming a top-notch bird photographer. Can’t say for sure I’m there yet. The most I can do is constantly strive to get better. Along the way I’ve widened my interests to other photographic genres. Still, I always come back to the birds.

On this site I will explain my approach to avian and other types of photography, accompanied by what I hope you’ll find to be aesthetically pleasing and compelling images.

I thought I would try something different than categorized galleries with thumbnails leading to full sized images. My Flickr Site already does that pretty well.

Wanted to try something else.

The plan for this site is not only the standard blog format but also flipbooks to showcase images and go into detail about photographic techniques, cameras and lenses, camera settings, photographic subjects, post-processing etc. The story behind the images. Many of the entries will be project based; in other words collections of images and text that relates to a specific photographic goal. For example; the White Birds Against White Backgrounds Project.

avian action photography, as shown by this image, is my primary interest

recently Linda Murdock and I traveled from our home in Sugar Land, Texas to Cattail Marsh near Beaumont for the expressed purpose of capturing images of these beautiful ducks.

green winged teal
Green-winged Teal

sometimes we stay at home in Sugar Land and use a backyard set up to attract some of the locals, like this wren.

carolina wren
Carolina Wren

I call the results of the creative editing of digital images PhotoArt.

White Ibis PhotoArt

I’ve always been fascinated by geometry

Downtown Dallas PhotoArt
Green Street, Downtown Houston

we call these little bitty flitty birds

Savannah Sparrow

this image does have something to do with birds

crow poison

the boardwalk at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge

Brazoria NWR PhotoArt

the Texas City Dike is a premier location for bird photography, along with other interesting subjects

shrimp boat at the Texas City Dike

another image from the Texas City Dike

graphic photoArt
graphic photoArt
Life Flight

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